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Ms. Abbie Chan

Principal of AP School

I am honoured to be the Principal of AP School and to shoulder the responsibility of providing appropriate and superior quality of education for children with ASD together with my teaching team who share the same belief.

AP School is student-centred. We focus on each student's personality and learning needs by using effective teaching methods to maximise their potential.


At AP School, every teacher is enthusiastic in teaching. Our core teaching team has extensive experience in educating individuals with ASD. We adopt Autism Partnership Method (APM) and focus on the natural and fascinating learning environment, so as to enhance students’ learning interests and practical application capacity.


I have been dedicated to autism-specific education for more than ten years. Every student I have met is precious and unique. My biggest hope is that our students become proactive in learning and are able to flexibly apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt to their daily lives. I also expect them to be capable of overcoming communication difficulties and enjoy building fulfilling relationships, and most importantly dare to open up new doors, go through limitations, integrate into the community, and live their life of independence to the fullest. In addition, I would love to take this opportunity to express my yearning for public awareness and acceptance of ASD, and this would lead to further developments and opportunities for children with ASD.

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