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Admission Criteria

The whole admission journey aims to help you to explore if AP School is the right fit for your child and family. Parents are most welcome to write to us at with any questions.

Here are some pre-requisites for enrollment:


1. School Readiness

  • Able to follow basic instructions

  • Able to regulate behaviours to conform to school rules

  • Does not show aggressive or serious self-injurious behaviours

2. Language

  • Process with existing basic range of vocabulary

  • Able to make spontaneous requests and understand simple questions

3. Play and Leisure Skills

  • Able to express interest in various play equipment

  • Able to engage in a variety of classroom activities

4. Self-Care

  • Able to handle toileting, eating, and dressing independently

  • Able to follow simple routines independently

Applications of children who lack the abovementioned criteria and require extra support will also be considered. Please approach us at for more details.

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