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Autism-specific Curriculum

Students are regarded as unique individuals in their developmental stages and have needs in various aspects. At AP School, they receive education with learning academic curriculum that suits their cognitive level and receives APM treatment to alleviate the adverse impact of ASD symptoms. We always strive our best to improve the quality of students’ school life and maximise their potential for future development.

Curriculum includes:

Social Skills

Level 01

  • Social Tolerance

  • Imitating Others

  • Responding To Peers

  • Turn Taking

  • Developing Social Interest

  • Initiating Play & Social Activities

  • Joint Attention

  • Sustaining Attention During Play

  • Responding With Basic Gestures

Level 02

  • Playing By The Rules

  • Joining In

  • Assertiveness

  • Flexibility

  • Following Peers’ Ideas

  • Identifying Different Relationships

  • Understanding Body Language

  • Initiating Ideas

Level 03

  • Negotiating

  • Compromising

  • Perspective Taking

  • Social Inference

  • Social Problem Solving

  • Expressing Opinions     

  • Expressing Emotions To Others

  • Understanding Social Dynamics

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